Spooky Science Self-Carving Pumpkin

The self-carving pumpking was a feature our our spooky science event in 2007 along with our haunted laboratory. Read more

Dry Ice Crystal Cauldron

With a few hunks of dry ice and some soapy water you can make a cool crystal cauldron for Halloween.

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Self-Carving Pumpkin

For Spooky Science we are playing with self-carving pumpkins. Find out what that really means. Read more

Boo Bubbles for Spooky Science

Boo Bubbles for our spooky science event. Something you can do at home with dry ice and soapy water! Read more

Harry Potter Science

Some science of Harry Potter in celebration of the final book in the series. Read more

COSI Toledo 10 Year Anniversary

Some science fun for our ten year anniversary. Read more

Engineering Week 2007

Some fun activities for engineering week and a special engineering guest, Mitchel Hering.

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Burning Chips

How much energy in terms of calories are in a handfull of chips? Read more