Combustion of fine organic powders

A fine powder injected into a flame can create an incredible torch of flame. One correction, the second powder is lycodpodium which has nothing to do with mold, not sure where that came from!

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Freezing Flowers for Mother’s Day

What could be more fun for Mother’s Day than to flash freeze some flowers in liquid nitrogen – and them break them like glass? Read more

Fun with Instant Snow

Superabsorbant polymers are amazing things. They trap liquids in diapers and can even simulate snow. Read more

How to break glass

Breaking glass is easy unless it’s tempered glass that can take quite a beating before breaking. Read more

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

How to make really tasty ice cream using liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent. Read more

Dry Ice Fun Science For Halloween

Fun with dry ice for Halloween. Read more

Could Balloon-boy really get aloft?

Balloon Boy is all the rage in the news today. The big question is could he really have been taken aloft by the balloon? Let find out. Read more

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