Homemade Ice Cream

[dropcap1]M[/dropcap1]aking ice cream is actually pretty easy to do and you don’t need any fancy equipment if you’re just making small batches for fun. This is a great Saturday afternoon activity. You’ll be surprised at how good it actually tastes. Just keep in mind this is not low-fat low-calorie. In fact you’d be better off calling this the full-fat high-cal version. This recipe is enough for one person to make one dish, but you can always scale it up a bit so you can share with friends as well. Read more

Make a non-toxic lava lamp at home

[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]his is a really fun do at home activity. With just a few items from your kitchen you can create a bubbling version of a lava lamp. To get started gather up some vegetable oil, water, food coloring, a plastic bottle and some effervescing (the bubbling kind) antacid tablets. Read more

How to make Slime

[dropcap1]H[/dropcap1]Here is a recipe for slime. This polymer goo is similar to flubber and just as much fun. Try making both to see how changing the amounts of ingredients can make a huge change in the end produce. Just be sure you don’t dispose of it down your sink or you will plug your drain for sure!

Read more

The Amazing expanding bar of soap

Who would have thought that soap could be so much fun? Not only does Ivory soap float in water, but if you heat it in a microwave it will expand into a mass of soap about three times larger than the bar. This experiment also generates some strong soapy smells – so be prepared! Read more