Dissolving Styrofoam

Fun with Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen’s temperature is 320 degrees below zero. In fact, it boils at 320 degrees below zero. You can have some fun with various materials at this temperature. Check it out.

Cloud in a bottle

Easy way to make a cloud in a bottle.

The Greek Waiters Tray

Newton’s laws of motion in play allowing the cups to be upside down without spilling water.

Super Bubble Solution

You can make a super bubble solution at home with soap, water and a secret ingredient. It takes about 1 day to age, but it’s worth the wait. Check out the detailed instructions.

Detonation of hydrogen

Depending on how much oxygen is around, hydrogen gas can combust in a few interesting ways.

Microwaved Soap

A bar of Ivory soap in the microwave makes for an interesting experiment.

Oobleck, what is it?

Oobleck is a substance that sometimes behaves like a liquid, sometimes like a solid.

The Iodine Clock Reaction

Multiple chemical reactions occurring at the same time keeps this solution clear, for a while, then it suddenly changes to a deep dark blue.