Submarine Engine Room

The engine room on the submarine at the Carnegie Science Center

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Submarine Torpedo Room

The torpedo room on the submarine at the Carnegie Science Center

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Feynman on Beauty

Physicist Richard Feynman talks about beauty. Great video overlay on his thoughts.

Protected: How beer saved the world

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Milk, Suger, Cream, Vanilla and a dash of liquid nitrogen are all you need to whip of a batch of really tasty ice cream in less than two minutes.
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Worlds largest ball of twine

Technically it’s the “Worlds largest ball of twine…Wrapped by a single person.” Located in Darwin, Minnesota. Looks best when viewed full screen.

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Lunch at El Camino Sky

Very colorful place… Pretty good for a series of handheld shots.

[pano f=”El-Camino-Sky/El-Camino-Sky.xml”]

How to shatter a basketball

Dunk a basketball in liquid nitrogen and then try to dribble it. What do you think will happen?
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Amazing Octopus Footage

This footage of an octopus camouflaging itself is amazing. A few seconds into the video it simply appears right in front of your eyes.

Combustion of fine organic powders

A fine powder injected into a flame can create an incredible torch of flame. One correction, the second powder is lycodpodium which has nothing to do with mold, not sure where that came from!

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