20110916 - WNWO - cornstarch HD

Combustion of fine organic powders

A fine powder injected into a flame can create an incredible torch of flame. One correction, the second powder is lycodpodium which has nothing to do with mold, not sure where that came from!

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Imag it 33 - 20110423 - Exploding eggs2

Exploding Eggs

Some people color eggs for Easter, I think it’s more fun to fill them with hydrogen gas and see what happens when you bring a flame nearby.
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Burning Cheese puffs, Hot food science

Food calories are a measure of how much energy is contained in the food item. A very graphic way to visualize how much energy is in a handful of food is to burn it and observer the flame. We try this with a handful of cheesepuffs and Total cereal. Read more

Rocket Fuel demo with an Astronaut

It doesn’t get better than this, showing what rocket fuel sounds like in the hands of a real Astronaut. Watch as Hydrogen and Oxygen gas detonate in the palm of his hands! Read more

20071020 - WTOL - Self carving pumpkin

Self-Carving Pumpkin

For Spooky Science we are playing with self-carving pumpkins. Find out what that really means. Read more

COSI Toledo 10 Year Anniversary

Some science fun for our ten year anniversary. Read more

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