Rainbow Snow

Fun with instant snow polymer for St. Patrick’s day, but why stop at just green snow?

Food + Liquid Oxygen

Calories are just a way to measure of energy. Using liquid oxygen to burn a food sample gives you a very visual way to measure the energy content of some foods.

How to make Slime

Slime is one of those chemistry activities that never gets old. If  you have a source of polyvinyl alcohol you can make some really nice slime. Most people will have to work with polyvinyl acetate that you find in white or clear glue. Either way, a dash of borax will allow you to mix up a batch of gooey slime.

Crush a 55 gal steel drum

Using just air pressure, 14.7 pounds per square inch, it’s easy to crush a 55 gallon steel drum!

Will it Float or Sink?

Will a soda can float or sink if placed in water? It all depends on density…

How do antacids work?

Have you ever eaten to much, or perhaps some spicy food that did not agree with you? Antacids are often your friend, but how to they work?

Live Cow Eye Dissection

A cow eye is very similar to our own eye. Watch as we take an eye apart and explore the parts that allow us to see the world around us.

The Ballplosion…

Quickly expanding liquid nitrogen explodes a two liter bottle with massive force to launch 30 gallons of balls into the air.

How strong is glass?

Generally you think of glass as a very fragile thing. It turns out that some glass is surprisingly tough!

Cabbage Juice Indicators

Cabbage juice makes an excellent and easy to create acid/base indicator solution.