20110712 - WNWO - Mentos

Mentos Fountain

It’s become a classic summer experiment – mentos and cola. Drop a handful of mentos candies into a container of your favorite carbonated beverage and you get a jet of liquid as the candy makes the carbon dioxide come out of solution. Read more

20110704 - WTVG - Ballsplosion


The ballplosion is created by filling a 2 liter bottle with super cold liquid nitrogen and allowing the expanding gas to rupture the bottle. The force of the explosion launches the balls 20 feet or more into the air!

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20110625 - WTOL - Water rockets

Water Rockets

This was the second annual water rocket event at Imagination Station. We had all the supplies on hand for any visitor to build a water rocket and then head outside to launch it. We only had a few land in the river and none hit a building like happened in this segment. Overall it was a lot of fun.

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