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Church Brewery in Pittsburgh

During a trip to Pittsburgh in 2009 I visited a church that had been converted into a brewery. The food and beer were quite good. The panoramic was shot handheld in the middle of a very busy and dark space.

The Ping Pong Ball Cannon

With just a bit of air pressure you can accelerate a ping pong ball to some amazing speeds. This device relies on creating a small vacuum in front of the ball and 14.7 pounds per square inch of air pressure behind the ball to accelerate it.

How to make your own Naked Egg

If you want to see your egg get really big, simply put it in a cup filled with water. The makeup of the inside of the egg is around 90% water. If you put the egg in a cup of (100%) water, the water will begin to move inside the egg through the membrane to equalize the amount of water inside and outside of the egg membrane.

Exploding Eggs

Some people color eggs for Easter, I think it’s more fun to fill them with hydrogen gas and see what happens when you bring a flame nearby.